Inspiring Stories of Dealing with Life Changing Injuries

It’s a sad (and scary) fact that catastrophic injuries happen every day. Doctors, nurses and physiotherapists will help get you healed, and personal injury solicitors like the experts at Scott Rees and Co can assist in claiming compensation where you weren’t at fault, but what happens after that? Adjusting to an amputation, loss of sight, or a spinal injury becomes the norm for victims and their families, changing life as they knew it. Here are some inspiring stories of people who haven’t merely coped with catastrophic injury, but have achieved incredible success in the process.

Setting Super Goals

When a motorcycle accident claimed Tim Hurst’s leg, he thought it was the end of his love for running. Indeed, he didn’t run anywhere anyone could see him for years, so shattered was his confidence in his ability and his appearance. Missing the feeling of running outdoors drove him to set a goal of running a marathon in all fifty states of America. He’s more than half way through and doesn’t shy away from telling people that if he can do it with one leg, just imagine what they can do with two!

Inspiring Stories of Dealing With Life Changing Injuries-1

Peer Mentoring

Mark Zack is another amputee thanks to a motorcycle accident. He lost his arm when an inexperienced teenage driver turned in front of him. Mark had many dreams during his two-week coma, including those of himself in a wheelchair teaching young drivers about being aware of motorcyclists. While he’s not in a wheelchair, he does share his story with teenage drivers and instruct them on motorcycle awareness. As well as helping to create safer drivers, Mark also mentors new amputees, assisting them with both the mental and physical challenges of losing a limb.

Inspiring Young Amputees

Annie Turner was just 22 when she was knocked off her bike by a lorry while cycling to her dance class. The accident nearly killed her and claimed the bottom half of her left leg, leaving this self-confessed “huge fitness freak” on crutches. Although her first instinct was to wish she had died rather than being confined to a wheelchair, Annie quickly learned to get around on crutches before being fitted with a prosthetic. During this time her solicitors perused the driver’s insurance company for compensation to help her with not only the cost of recovery, but the changes her new life has brought such as loss of income and increased travel costs.

Winning Olympic Gold

Cancer caused Kelly Cartwright to lose her leg when she was 15. Three years later she began running competitively, representing Australia at the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing, and again in London in 2012 where she won a gold medal in the long jump and a silver medal in the women’s 100m. Now 25, Kelly has her sights firmly set on a medal in Rio in 2016. When she’s not training or working in her day-job as a receptionist, Kelly is an ambassador for the Make-a-Wish Foundation and has also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

These four amputees prove every day that with resilience, courage, and the right support, people can overcome catastrophic injury to live inspiring lives.

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What to Expect From your Retail Audit

No matter what type of retail premises you own, you can benefit from a retail audit. If you work in the food service industry, you’ll know that there are lots of aspects of service to manage, from ensuring the food you serve is fresh and high-quality to making sure the customer has a great experience when they visit your store. How can you keep on top of all these things whilst also looking at your business objectively? Retail audits are the answer.

Many people fear retail audits and think they’re going to catch them out and point out everything that’s wrong with the business – in fact, they’re there to help you make your business more profitable and successful; they can be a great way to motivate your team and see where you are going wrong. A approximate date for a retail audit ensures everyone is on track and working towards a common goal – making your store the best it can be.

What’s it all about?

So what can you really expect when an auditor arrives at your place of work? You can ask them to take a broader look at your outlet – covering everything from the environment and the quality of food to the customer experience, or simply focus on one area; it’s your call. Let’s assume that an auditor is coming to your store from a field sales agency which specialises in audits and other services such as mystery shopping. If you’re working in the food services industry, you can expect your visit to look at the following:


Your auditor will be concerned with how service is operated – are staff on time, does food make it to the customers within a reasonable period of time and is service running smoothly; where could improvements be made? They’ll also look at the cleanliness of the surroundings, both in the kitchen and front of house, as well as the cleanliness of chairs and tables where customers are sitting. They’ll keep an eye on food hygiene practices such as hand washing and how food is stored and how tidy the environment is, both the front and the back of the premises. Messy, unhygienic environments often trip businesses up when it comes to a retail audit, so it is important to have procedures in place to keep your outlet tidy. Lastly, they’ll think about the ambience of the restaurant, cafe or bar. How appealing is it to customers? Is the décor dated and worn, are furnishings new or old?


No One wants to eat from a Kitchen that looks like this!

Quality of food

Quality of food is a key area that auditors will look at. They’ll be concerned with the flavour and texture of food – does it offer value for money to customers and are they getting what they paid for? But they’ll also be concerned about how food looks. How is it presented; does it come on clean plates, or are the plates chipped and dirty?


As a business owner, you know that the customer experience is key to building a loyal customer base. If a customer doesn’t have a good experience, you can wave goodbye to repeat business from them. So auditors will examine things like the customer experience as a whole – for example, how long did customers have to wait to be served and how long did their food take to arrive. Were staff polite to them? Were any extra requests they made fulfilled and did they experience value for money and a high standard of service?

Auditor expectations

The final category for auditors is expectations. Your auditor will arrive with certain expectations of their visit. They’ll have built these expectations either from prior experience of your business or from what they know in advance. It’s important that their expectations are met or exceeded in order to score highly in your audit. For example, if they have to wait a long time to be served and food is cold or presented in an unappealing manner, this could lead to a poor score.

There’s no reason to fear retail audits – at the end of the day, their purpose is to highlight what you’re doing well, and what could be improved. They’re there to help you implement new practices and procedures that can make your business more profitable and more efficient in future. Ensuring you work towards goals to improve your retail audit score can make employees more productive and enhance the customer experience. So next time you have an auditor coming, take a deep breath and look through the items on this list, then work to make every aspect of your business as appealing and pleasing to customers as possible an make your business more profitable and more efficient in future.

What Should Be Your Exit Strategy For Selling Manufacturing Business?

According to careful estimate, the average age of the United States manufacturing business owners is about 60 years. This simply means that manufacturing & engineering companies will change operating hands in the next 10 years, as these manufacturers enter their retirement phase. Have you ever thought about your exit strategy for your manufacturing & engineering business? There are four possibilities that you can think about. These include:

  • Sell your manufacturing & engineering company to a firm that is seeking expansion through acquisition.
  • Sell your firm to your competitor.
  • Hand over your company’s operations to a younger generation of your family.
  • Sell your firm to a group of employees.

If you are thinking about these things, bear in mind that, all or some of these options may not be viable for you. You will have to work on creating your own exit strategy. This is a surefire way to make it possible to sell your firm for the highest possible price. Business Buyer Like Turner Butler Can help you to Sell a Business.

Will You Comprise On Your Business Values?
Every business owner has some values which they strictly care about. For example, some owners give utmost importance to customer satisfaction. When you are looking for a buyer who is ready to buy your firm on a full asking price, you have to be careful about some important things. These things include the following:

  • What are the intentions of the potential buyer?
  • Will they outsource or offshore some or all of the jobs?
  • How they will maintain quality of services?
  • What goals they want to achieve?
  • Will they want to hire their own employees?

If a buyer doesn’t give you clear idea about any of the above mentioned things, it’s a warning sign. In fact, most owners may pass the offer even if the potential buyer is buying for a full asking price. This may sound a bad choice, but there is a solid reason behind making this decision. Sellers pass the offer because of the intentions of the buyer. If a buyer doesn’t care about customer satisfaction and maintaining the same standard that the owner has worked hard to maintain, it is clear that the buyer is more interested in making money. In this case, selling the manufacturing & engineering company to a buyer like this is like putting your customer relationship second. In simpler words, you would definitely not want to take your money and run without caring about what happens after you have your money. The new buyer may ruin your company’s name by compromising on the quality of services. That is the reason why you should stand on principle and find a qualified buyer Like Turner Butler who would not put your business values aside.

Hiring A Broker To Have An Exit Strategy
A surefire way to make sure you exit your manufacturing & engineering business with full satisfaction and lots of cash, consider hiring a broker. Broker can also help you find a buyer who really cares about your business values. Beside broker, you will need other professionals like tax adviser, legal attorney and accountant to create a painless exit strategy. In short, if you are considering selling your firm in the next 5-10 years, start planning from today. And take the above mentioned factors into consideration to have a solid exit strategy.

Important Steps In Buying Restaurant Businesses

Restaurant business is very attractive to investors. If you want to enter this lucrative sector, consider buying an already establish restaurant. Once you’ve made the decision, next you will need to take some important steps. Let’s have a quick look at these steps.

Prepare Your Financials
First of all, you need to prepare your financials. Most sellers don’t disclose critical information about their restaurant until the potential buyer reveals their financing plan. If you need to apply for a loan, you will need to show your personal financial statement to the bank. You will also have to review your credit score. Landlords will check your credit report before extending credit when you apply for lease. If your credit report is bad, you will find it difficult to secure the restaurant space you want. There are various financing options that you can use, such as SBA loan, home equity loan, 401k or retirement plan, and your personal resources. If you are not familiar with how you can use these financing options, it is strongly advised to get complete information about these options first. This way, you will be able to make a wise financing decision for buying restaurant businesses.

Restaurant Businesses
Leasing the Restaurant
Landlords may have different requirements that you should meet. It is very important to understand all requirements and prepare a solid proposal to secure the lease. Some crucial things that you will need to put together include the following:

  • Restaurant Lease Application
  • Personal Financial Statement
  • Restaurant Business Plan and Pro Forma
  • Restaurant Experience Resume on Key Individuals

Check the Competition
Savvy buyers must perform their due diligence on everything related to the restaurant business they are trying to buy. These things include financial aspects, menu, customer base, and restaurant’s popularity etc. One of the most important things is competition. You should also carefully check the competitor restaurants in the same price range, same style of food, same atmosphere, and restaurants that cater to the same demographics. For businesses for sale It is important to note that all those types of restaurants come into the competition and you need to take them into close consideration when deciding to buy a restaurant.

Non-Compete Form the Previous Owner
The seller that just sold you their restaurant business could end up being your potential competitor. If you don’t have them signed a non-competing agreement, there is no way you can stop them from opening a new restaurant and competing with you. What’s even worse, the previous owner who is your new competitor can entice your customers into their new restaurant. They can also hire your restaurant staff to work in their new business. This will make it very difficult for you to run your restaurant. When preparing a non-compete agreement, it is strongly recommended to consult with a qualified legal representative. A legal professional will write a clear agreement with discreet terms in order to be legally valid. Some typical terms may include restriction on the previous restaurant owner from opening a new competing business in the surrounding area for at least 3 years. In addition to this, you should investigate about hidden competitors that can drain your business. It would be wise to consult with a legal firm to check all type of competition. To Know more please visit us.

In short, carefully follow the above mentioned steps if you want to buy restaurant businesses without any problem.

House Collateral Credit lines NOT REALLY – For the Company

There’s a method for the majority of any kind of company to acquire a credit line to match their own company requirements nowadays. You will find loan companies that focus on providing poor credit score loans in order to people who focus on providing small company mortgage or even credit score. These types of loan companies complete the actual spaces conventional financing establishments omit.

Conventional financing establishments, for example banking institutions, hardly ever provide a credit line to some company or even person along with under great credit score. Non-traditional loan companies will offer you the higher-interest company credit line which should end up being guaranteed along with a few gentle associated with security. An individual may generally obtain a house collateral credit line no matter poor credit score, because the mortgage is actually guaranteed through the collateral in your house, however this particular stability may appear in your individual credit score and it is not really a suggested company credit score technique. This really is additionally a large company exercise error. A person don’t actually wish to commingle your individual property together with your company property.

Some of the drawbacks of the house collateral credit line tend to be:

• This can decrease your individual credit rating.
• The total amount can look in your individual credit history
• You’ll spend a greater rate of interest.
• You’ll spend greater fines.
• You’re much more likely to possess a pre-payment fee.
• You’ll have to set up some type of property with regard to security.
• You’ll be billed evaluation expenses and perhaps software costs.

A house collateral credit line is generally guaranteed using the home you have. Many people make use of their house collateral credit line in order to redesign or even add-on for their house, therefore increasing it’s worth as well as permitting a greater credit line. However simultaneously they’re decreasing their own individual credit rating, that wouldn’t occur experienced these people utilized the occupation credit score.

You may also obtain a good unprotected company line of credit, company charge cards, along with other unprotected company credit score, in case your company includes a strong credit rating. People may also occasionally obtain a good unprotected credit line, however companies along with great company credit score could possibly get the higher restrict with an unprotected credit line.

Some of the benefits of a good unprotected company credit line tend to be:

• Stability won’t appear in your individual credit history
• Raises your individual credit rating
• You’re going to get a greater borrowing limit compared to any kind of personal bank loan kind.
• You’re going to get reduce rates of interest.
• You will find absolutely no software costs.
• Absolutely no value determinations or even evaluation costs.
• There isn’t any security needed.
• Money may be used for just about any company cause.

If you’re operating your company from your individual credit rating, CEASE THIS IMMEDITIALLY! Discover what you ought to perform in order to be lent cash like a company effectively. The extra assets company credit score can provide you’re really worth the extra actions essential to begin to build company credit score.

Pulling the Finance of your Start-up together – Why you need a Finance head?

From book-keeping to going public-your Start-Up’s finance guy does it all.

The mantra for the success of any Start-up is synergy. It is only when you balance all your functional areas that the sum can be larger than the parts thereof. But often due to resource crunch founders decide to take a very important function in their own hands- Finance. It is not for no reason that finance is called blood of any organisation and you surely need a guy who can give his undivided attention to balancing your expenses, maintaining liquidity, arranging funds and finally taking your start-up public.

Finance Department surely plays a big role in taking any organisation to the next level. And for a start-up its importance increases many folds. The survival and growth of your Start-up is contingent on how well you manage your finances. Having a person in charge of your Startup’s finance department helps you in the following ways:

Preparing Budgets: For a Start-up, budgeting is very crucial and all the more complicated since you don’t have past data to guide you through. A finance head can make predictions more systematic and help better in achieving the goals.

Business woman at office

Eyeing your Expenses: For a new business the top line will surely take its time to grow. But if you don’t want to see your books in red, you surely have to manage your expenses well. Appointing someone to manage your finances will help you to better meet the estimates and contain expenses under control.

Cash flows and their direction: From invoicing, collections to deployment of funds, you surely need someone to manage your bucks. A start up can better handle its cash deposits by appointing a person in charge. This helps them to ensure that all obligations are met on time, at the same time cost of funds does not increase. Thus a balance is struck between liquidity and profitability.

Providing for future growth: Investment is the key to any organisation’s success. Often business houses lose opportunities because of unavailability of funds. If you have someone in charge of your finance department, he/she will be able to predict your growth course and accordingly plan to ensure that funds are available to fuel it.

Taking care of your taxes, filings etc- Excise, sales tax, income tax, TDS, VAT- the list of legal and regulatory requirements is never ending. Having finance-in- charge will ensure that you fulfil all these requirements. Moreover you can also have better tax planning with someone to guide your investments.

Taking it Public- The dream of any founder is to take his company public. To get yourself listed and win the confidence of your investors you need honest and up to date records of your financial performance. You surely need someone who is financially literate and gives his/her attention to regular book keeping.

None can take care of your baby better than the founders. But when it comes to crucial aspects of finance that requires great knowledge and attention, it is better to appoint someone who can lead the finance department of your start-up to nurture its growth.

Financial job websites are a good source of finding people with relevant skill set. Some of these sites specifically target the financial sector and have a large pool of amazing talent who can take your organization forward. It’s easy to create an account on these websites and look for suitable candidates.

How to Start and Run a Manufacturing Business

There are several steps involved in starting any entrepreneurship. For example, you’ll have to conduct market research and analysis, create a solid business plan, and secure the funding needed to get your business off the ground. You’ll need a location, employees, a supply chain, and perhaps even business partners. And pretty much all of these startup requirements apply to launching your manufacturing business. But getting started and managing your business in an efficient and productive manner is going to take a lot more attention to detail. Here are just a few of the things you’ll need to consider when it comes to starting and running your manufacturing business.

For one thing, you’re going to need comprehensive knowledge of the industry you’re entering. The less you know, the more difficult it will be to learn the ropes and become successful. If you already have a background in manufacturing, or at least working with the products you’ll be making in some capacity, you’re in a good position to move forward with your business plan. But if you are merely operating on some kind of whim, you need to back up and spend some time becoming familiar with the industry you’re keen to enter. Confidence, charisma, and willpower will take you a long way as an entrepreneur, but at some point knowledge and skill are needed to move forward and succeed.

Once you’ve got all your ducks in a row where starting your business is concerned, it’s time to focus on the day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year aspects of running your manufacturing operation. In the beginning you’ll need to acquire appropriate equipment, supplies, and staffing to get started. But equally important is how you manage these assets. You should negotiate with vendors in your supply and distribution chains, for example. But you’ll also need to focus on the role your employees play.

This begins with creating written policies, as well as standards and practices for your staff to follow. But it’s not enough to hand them a manual upon hire. You also need to craft a training program designed to ensure that they understand not only the technologies they’re working with and the policies they’re expected to follow, but that also teaches them how to behave in a safe and effective manner, and how to think on their feet in order to ensure ongoing safety and efficiency of operations.

Your employees provide a direct line to daily operations. And while you will probably play a hands-on role in your manufacturing business initially, over time you will likely hire professionals to manage your operations for you while you take on an executive role. In this case, encouraging employees to speak up concerning unnecessary processes, redundancies, and waste could help you to streamline your operations and increase productivity.

Of course, you could also perform annual audits in order to determine necessary changes. This could help to clue you in to when you need to alter processes or when it’s time for new equipment or software, from finding a plasma cutter for sale to upgrading manufacturing or even financial programs. The long and short of running a successful manufacturing business is that you need to be aware of what’s happening within your walls. So no matter how removed you are from daily processes, don’t lose touch.

Exactly how Home loan Software program May Offset Mortgage Dangers

Mortgage danger administration is really a self-discipline centered on controlling credit score dangers associated with financial products. Problems vary from person borrowers’ creditworthiness as well as probability of defaulting upon financial loans towards the whole mortgage profile of the provided lender. Loan companies offset dangers in lots of ways such as via risk-based prices as well as diversity. Additionally they make use of danger administration resources for example home loan software program as well as information visual images to achieve the much deeper knowledge of their own mortgage portfolios and also the crucial metrics that may show a greater probability of default.

Typical Types of Mortgage Dangers
Home loans encounter a number of types of danger such as:
· Customer danger — Dangers linked to the customer for example creditworthiness or even long-term employability.
· Security danger — Dangers linked to the property’s worth with time.
· Marketplace danger — Dangers related to monetary as well as areas.
· Geographic danger — Dangers related to qualities present in a particular geographic area.
· Focus danger — Dangers related to seriously lopsided exposures.

Home loan Software’s Part within Mortgage Danger Administration
Home loan software program leads to each determining as well as mitigating danger. Previously, spreadsheets, understanding, as well as instinct had been accustomed to evaluate credit score as well as home loan danger. These days, advanced software program filled with information visual images as well as company cleverness resources assists loan companies determine dangerous debtors in the stage associated with origin in addition to evaluate as well as handle danger over the whole mortgage profile. Here are some places exactly where home loan software program performs an essential part:

· Mortgage Origin — Home loan software program can be used in the loan’s origin in order to rapidly figure out customer eligibility in addition to to recognize danger elements. The much deeper knowledge of person debtors enables much more precise risk-based mortgage prices in addition to much better choice producing. Mortgage origin resources are utilized in order to evaluate customer danger.

· Real-Time Experience — Mortgage danger administration is definitely an continuing procedure which covers the whole profile. Utilizing real-time information as well as extremely visible company cleverness resources for example dashboards as well as equity graphs, home loan software program enables you to determine developments, place designs associated with danger as well as chance, look at value versions, as well as produce predictions. Real-time analytical resources may be used to keep track of as well as statement upon crucial overall performance indications in addition to to produce predictions as well as forecasts. These types of experience in many cases are shown within visible dashboards.

· Confirming — Predefined reviews in addition to random confirming resources permit you to take a look at mortgage information utilizing various sights as well as filter systems.

· Choice producing — Along with information visual images as well as predictive analytical resources, home loan software program additionally allows for wiser choices. For instance, you might uncover regions of chance for example financial loans perfect with regard to re-financing or even brand new advertising items. Similarly, you might uncover financial loans which you’d like to market or even which are prone to prepayment. Through environment as well as checking crucial metrics or even drilling lower upon information because required, you are able to have a much more positive strategy as well as help to make wise choices depending on strong info.

By utilizing home loan software program along with danger administration resources, you are able to keep close track of danger in the customer degree as well as over the whole profile. These types of resources permit you to keep track of customer, security, marketplace, geographic, as well as focused danger instantly in addition to produce comprehensive predictions. Along with in-depth experience depending on real-time info, home loan software program assists you to react proactively, decrease dangers, as well as make the most of chance.

Company Loans – Along with Total Safety of the Empire

These days most of the company human population would rather occupy the type of improvements that are intended for their own company as well as that will consider all of them in addition to actually their own company in order to brand new as well as a number of other enhanced levels. This really is therefore simply because this kind of kind of improvements may be the just types that will keep the actual customer completely content material as well as vane pleased. Furthermore, once the improvements tend to be associated as well as attached to their own company after that this kind of kind of improvements usually demonstrates to become useful. Have you been additionally the type of individual who wants an ideal kind of improvements on your own? Have you been actually searching for the type of improvements that will usually help you in your current too utes actually inside your long term company plus much more? Is actually this particular everything a person need out of your improvements? Nicely in the event that it’s this that you’ll need after that you will find just Loans that will be presently there for the joy plus much more. This kind of kind of improvements would be the just types that will keep the actual customer within the secure shoreline and can usually help to make their additional long term existence really greatest and so forth.

Loans would be the kind of improvements that will usually range from the ideal type of deals for that company associated individuals with no 1 otherwise. With these types of deals the actual customer can certainly actually help to make his / her existing in addition to actually long term existence really worth residing plus much more. For this reason the actual customer will be pleased and can usually range from the greatest type of offers for that customer. Furthermore, Loans will also be the type of improvements that doesn’t consist of any type of partiality as well as any type of prejudice and so forth. Loans may usually carry out the requirements in addition to actually the actual needs from the individuals associated with UNITED KINGDOM as well as particularly from the bad credit score cases and so forth. The actual customer can certainly actually occupy this kind of kind of Loans by way of on the internet assist as well as assistance.

Running a business financial loans with regards to on the internet assist everything the actual customer must perform would be to you need to upward this kind of kind of improvements without having any type of danger as well as any type of difficulty and so forth. The actual customer is actually additional in no way actually necessary to encounter any type of danger as a result kind of Loans doesn’t consist of any type of danger. This can usually allow customer possess his / her long term existence plus much more.